• Store your vintage in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep your vintage out of direct sunlight. Harsh light will fade fabrics and leathers over time.
  • Hang clothes on padded cloth or wooden hangers. These are the best to retain shape and avoid snags.
  • Store shoes and handbags in a dust bag. Stuff handbags with soft paper or bubblewrap to help retain their shape.
  • Avoid storing in plastic because it does not allow the fabrics to breathe.
  • Avoid dust and other pollutants.


  • Majority of our vintage pieces are dry clean only. Items may be made with non-colorfast dyes, which means they are not suitable for machine or hand washing.
  • For clothing, we do not recommend machine or hand washing. Please consult the fabric care tags on your item for specifics, if present. If not, please consult a dry cleaner.
  • For leather and nylon handbags, we recommend unscented wet wipes for the exterior and interior.
  • Gently hand wash kitchenware and other home decor as necessary.